Below is a listing of non-fiction books that have been published by SE CAPA members. Click on book title or photo to access an informational PDF and the author's website. Order information is on that PDF.

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Below is a listing of book publishers who are members of SE CAPA and access to their websites for more information.

"One Hundred & Eleven Questions & Answers Concerning 
 the Pilgrims" by William P. Muttart & Linda R. Ashley
 In years past, many of us believed that the passengers who arrived on the
 Mayflower in 1620 called themselves Pilgrims, who were united in  their desire to seek religious freedom...

 ~ "The Secret Life of Louisa May Alcott" by Ruth Crocker
      This work is a one-person play written in one act about the
       writing life of Louisa May Alcott. The year is 1880 and Louisa
       has agreed to meet with a group of people who are curious...

"Mystic in the 1950's" by Tom Santos
      If you grew up in the 50's, this book will make you say, "I  
     remember that!" It may cause  hours of discussing the "Good Old
     Days," and what it was like growing up in a small village...
 ~ "My Son Todd and My Guardian Angels" by 
     Tom Santos
    A father's story of how he coped with the loss of his only child. It took ten years to write this informative, straight-from-the-heart book...
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 ~ "View from the Snow Globe: A Journey in Cancer and Chemo" 
    by John Frank with Nancy Rupert
    A narrative non-fiction and memoir which is the inspirational and heart warming story of two extraordinary people, how they fell in love, were married and then had a life altering event when John discovered cancer. This will have a profound and enduring affect upon your understanding and empathy for those burdened with a serious disease, as well as those who stand by them.
 ~ "Those Who Remain" by Ruth Crocker
      This book is a compelling true story with a surprising revelation for those who seek to understand the sources of resilience and emotional transformation following heartbreaking loss...

 ~ "Anything But a Dog" by Lisa Saunders
      How a homeless, old canine found his way to the couch of a little girl with congenital CMV...

~ "Ride a Horse, Not an Elevator" by Lisa Saunders
    A chubby city girl visits her grandparents' farm where she tries to find a friend and overcome her fear of horses...

 ~ "Lisa's Guide for Writers" by Lisa Saunders
      How to find a publisher - especially if you're not famous...

 ~ "Once Upon a Placemat" by Lisa Saunders
  A table setting tale - will the dish really run away with the spoon..

~ "A Realtor's Guide to Great Success" by Nancy D. Butler
    Easy to implement strategies that will take your business to the next level, while showing you how to find balance...

 ~ "Eliminated! Now What?" by Jean Baur
      In this easy to read guide, you'll learn how to get through the ups and downs of job loss and what you need to do to run a successful search...
~ "The Essential Job Interview Handbook"  by Jean Baur
    Interviewing is fraught with unknowns, but in this guide, you learn how to navigate successfully and present your ability to...

~  "Above All Else" by Nancy D. Butler
    An inspirational story that takes you through the author's professional and personal life, building a huge company while being a young single mother with no source of income...

 ~ "Ever True: A Union Private and HIs Wife" by Lisa Saunders
      This book contains the love letters between a Civil War soldier and his teenage wife (also a one-act play)...

 ~ "Four Across The Atlantic" by Douglas Seaver
    Participate with Doug Seaver and his crew aboard Four Across, as they travel from Fort Lauderdale to Gibralter...
~ "The Merging of Two Worlds" by Roy E. Bourque
    Science is a left-brained subject. It sees the world in mathematical models. It is all built on logic. Religion is a right-brained subject. It sees the world in associations...Once the misconceptions are revealed, the problem goes away...
~ Coming Soon: A Book on Communication and Relationships by Jill Whitney
 ~ "Mystic Seafarer's Trail" by Lisa Saunders
      Secrets behind the 7 Wonders, Titanic's Shoes, Captain Sisson's Gold, and Amelia Earhart's Wedding...

~ "Shay's Rebellion" by Lisa Saunders
    The Hanging of Co-Leader Captain Henry Gale - dramatic events leading up to the noose around his neck...

~ "Mystic (Images of Modern America)" by Lisa Saunders
    The book of 164 images shows the evolution of Mystic, CT from a working-class village into a tourist...

"After the Loss of a Spouse: From Henry VII - Julia Child" by Lisa Saunders
     Examines the bittersweet human condition of love and loss of 18 famous widow/ers including Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis...

​ ~ "Wash It Away, Memoir of a Rape Survivor" by M. L. Bilby
   The story takes place in a small New England town, maybe like yours. Unaware of who was on the other side of the door...