Below is a listing of fictional books that have been published by SE CAPA members. Click on book title or photo to access an informational PDF and the author's website. Order information is on that PDF.


Below is a listing of book publishers who are members of SE CAPA and access to their websites for more information.

         ~ "Until We Meet Again" by Susan Jones
              Between one winsome grandfather and lucky little boy are 
              keepsakes of the heart - moments that take root in memory...
              This Award-Winning book is written for anyone who is facing
              changes in life, love and death at any age...
  ~"Mountain Shadows" by Patti Brooks
      This novel is heroism, triumph and tragedy, moral dilemmas and the
      absolute hopefulness and hopeless  of 'taking the cure' for tuberculosis
      in Lake Placid and Saranac Lake in the 1920s...
  ~"Fame & Deceit" by Patti Brooks
      This horse-related adult fiction is a delightfully
      disturbing, story of unsettling murders, toxic 
       waste dumping, and the dark side of the
      horse world.
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​ ~ "Only Isn't Lonely" by Dr. Julie Wakely
   Peppered with Polish customs and traditions, old wives'
  tales, colloquialisms and truisms, this is a story of a
  contemporary woman who comes to terms with her
  life after surviving severe physical and emotional...
​ ~ "The Slave Catcher's Woman" by James Littlefield
   This is an historical perspective, fictionalized but real history, back in the antebellum South where cotton, slaves and slave catchers, are the norm...
Children's Books by Sheila Adams: 
~ "Beads, Bands & a Brass Ring" 
     A memoir based on family and childhood to make you smile and remember your own family stories...
~ "Louis Digs Up a Surprise" 
    Learn how special someone can be...
"Puffy No-Nose"
   A much loved and well-worn stuffed bunny must find his way back into a young boy's heart, with a valuable lesson about new friends...
~ "The Coolest Kids in School"
   A new school, dealing with a class bully and how to be cool despite...
​ ~"I'm Just a Little Someone" by Sharen Peters
   Sharen's first children's book will be released soon, to help lonely children...
​ ~ "Ride a Horse, Not An Elevator" by Lisa Saunders
   A chubby city girl visits her grandparent's farm where she tries to find a friend and overcome her fear of horses...

"Surviving Loss: The Woodcutter's Tale" by Lisa Saunders
    A tender fairy tale for all ages about the process of healing after the death of a loved one...
  ~"Blood Hoax" by Patti Brooks
    Will Ike Cherny find his fiance before the Nardozzi mob family? And who is using illegal stallions in the breeding shed?... (Book 2 in the series)

~ "Ransoming Victory" by Patti Brooks
   Will Ike Cherny have the courage to survive the shenanigans of his best client and reclaim his reputation? What is the cost of a championship?... (Book 3 in the series)

 ~ "Fourth Rule" by Douglas Seaver
     This is a thriller driven by a mystery. A story about identity, a secret kept for twenty-two years and revenge postponed...

"Campanilismo" by William O'Neill Curatolo
   The story is a thriller about physicians and scientists in the drug discovery and internet pharmacy fields, caught in murky ethical waters...

 ~ "Slater Mountain: The Journey" by Judy Ricketts-White
      As the story unfolds, Bailey Matthews lives with her family on Slater Mountain, at the edge of the wilderness. She is passionate about horses. When disaster strikes
 ~ "Not Privileged to Know" by Bill Rockwell
     When her twin sister is killed, Corinne Day finds herself alone facing the mysterious death as well as government interference...

"Death of the Innocents, A Detective Murph Mystery" by Bill Rockwell
   Murph investigates the murder of a young woman from out of town, leading him into the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice controversy...

 ~ "Heaven's Conflict, Rise & Fall of Angels" by Bill Rockwell
     God tries to save his Chief Archangel, Lucifer, leading to the biggest confrontation ever with the control of Heaven and Earth at stake..

"Generation Z: Birth of the Zompire" by Bill Rockwell
   When he is stalked and bitten by a vampire then bitten by the Vampire's zombies, Damon Drake becomes a hybrid, a Zompire...

 ~ "Until the Robin Walks on Snow" by Bernice L. Rocque
    The story takes place in Norwichtown, CT, and is based on a true story. In 1922, an immigrant family and their devoted midwife are determined to save a 1.5 pound newborn...
The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library by Tish Rabe
   This Learning Library covers an array of topics from birds, mammals, reptiles, space, butterflies, nocturnal animals and the human body, to just name a few...
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